The Pros of Social Media Advertising on Meta

Right now, Meta is considered one of the most popular social media sites in the world. With over a billion users worldwide makes it the best site to advertise your business.

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This particular advertising solution will give you a lot of options. The a wide variety of tools to boost your online presence. As a result, you’ll obtain more traffic for your website or landing page.

However, for this to become possible you will need to familiarize yourself with how the thing goes. It will take some time to master the thing but with practice and determination, proficiency on this platform is achievable.

What are the benefits?

There are specific benefits that comprise advertising on Meta. To name you the best benefits that you can get, let us have a quick rundown of them.

Meta Gives Ads a Wider Reach

Due to the wide user base of Meta or formerly known as Facebook, there is a bigger chance that you’ll hit that chocolate factory. However, this knowledge of the platform could give you an advantage, you should not rely solely on it.

In social media, the trends are changing that’s why being observant is also important. Nevertheless, using filters is one of the greatest things that you can do. These are not filters used on photos but filters that allow you to refine the reach of your ads through a specific location.

By doing so, you will be able to target specific areas that will be covered by your products and services. It will allow you to get customers within your area making it a good long-term strategy for your business.

The same goes for the users. They have the ability to filter out the results, particularly what ads they prefer to view on their news feed. This is why it is important for ad placers to ensure that their ads are suitable for the target audience.

Shared Interest Features

One of the most exciting features you can get from placing ads on Meta is its shared interest features. This platform has the ability to determine the interest of each user based on their activity with high accuracy.

You can utilize this feature most if you are targeting a wide audience base particularly if the products and services you’ll promote is a global brand.

Forming a database to help accumulate audiences of the same interest is the most ideal thing to do. Creating Meta groups is the most common way to build a database of audiences with the same geographic location.

Worldwide Demographic Segmentation

You can target a worldwide audience on Meta too. Making campaigns country-specific is actually the most common thing in the past. Right now, the platform made it possible for worldwide targeting of ad placements.

You can use it to your advantage to create conversions by means of app installs and landing page campaigns.

Having said so, you have to take note of the following:

  • You can also use the feature to target a specific region
  • There is an option that allows you to put filter regions to make more refined campaigns
  • You can allot more budget for ads that are doing better than the others for better conversions

The good thing about Meta is that it can form individual ads to cater to various regions.

Social Media Ads Examples

To give you a wider overview of what social media ads are, you’ll need to indulge yourselves in some examples of social media ads to gain more understanding.


Sephora proved that video ads strategy can truly make a difference. It can surely get the attention of the public. An increased rate of engagement will increase the traffic for more leads and conversions.

The big production appraisal and stunning visuals gave great outputs for Sephora. The CTR is 41 percent higher which gives a 32 percent return compared to the previous ones.


There is no doubt that Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world right now. It makes entrepreneurs start their online businesses with ease.

The company has started social ads on Meta to inspire people to establish their own e-commerce stores.


Social media ads are nothing that you should not take for granted of. They have the capacity to widen your audience reach which results in better sales. Be sure to add this up to your marketing strategy to make the most out of your campaigns.

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