The World of Pay Per Click Advertising

You are doing your homework on advertising and realized that there are lots of ways to market a brand. You start to dive deeper into the roots of advertising, particularly on the traditional ways to promote a brand.

promoting products services

Having said so, Pay Per Click or also known as PPC might be the first thing to come into your mind. It is a type of internet advertising that gathers cost on every user clicks done on an ad.

There is some sort of bidding that relates to the following criteria:

  • Platforms
  • Keywords
  • Type of audience

Where it is used for?

Campaign goals are what advertising is all about. It is composed of different methodologies to achieve a successful campaign such as the following:

  • Lead generation
  • Acquisition of new customers for higher sales
  • Brand promotion

Having said so, relevance is the key for a PPC ad campaign to be successful. People are actually browsing for specific data all the time. It can a product or service but some just search for info that they want to look into.

This is where advertisers will do everything to make their ads viewable at perfect timing. As a result, targeted ads are the superstars of the process.

For an instance, you are in need of something formal to wear for a special occasion. So you decide to type in “coat and tie” on Google. Afterward, the ads that are related to coats and ties will show up.

PPC Advertising Platforms

By targeting the right keywords, you can surely run a very efficient PPC campaign. Always remember that the epitome of success in this campaign is relevance.

Google Ads

The primary company that runs this advertising platform is Google and its partner sites. Right now, we can consider it as the biggest PPC platform. It caters to businesses of all scales regardless if the business is already big or just starting out.

Microsoft Advertising

The complete rival to Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising also proves its worth in the industry. With great tools and utilization of search partners, it became one of the most sought ad platforms right now.

As a matter of fact, Bing its search engine has accumulated 137 million unique impressions on the process.

Other Advertising Platforms

There are other search engine companies that are significantly considered as small players. They offer cheaper ad placement rates but expect lower traffic of course compared to Google and Microsoft.


Pay Per Click has been a significant factor in promoting your products and services. It does not matter whether your brand is already big or just starting out. You’ll surely reap great benefits if you will do things right.

Regarding that, Money Advertising is one of the trusted names in the industry. We do advertising the right way by implementing the best strategies that will lead to higher conversions.

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