Link Between Advertising and Analytics

Advertising has done wonders on a lot of enterprises. It does not matter whether the business is big or small as it can definitely promote growth. There will be a time wherein advertising will try to reach new heights again through innovation.

Analytic tools are surely the best things that a business owner can use to drive new customers to avail their products and services. When it comes to ad tools , you have lots of choices.

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The Types

Apparently, you can encounter at least two types of analytic tools used for ads. Your choice will depend on your capacity. Factors such as budget and target audience are the ones to consider. Let us enumerate those types below:

Free Versions

There are analytic tools that you can use without paying a dime. The basic functionalities are all there which means you can fully make use of every time you carry out an ad campaign for your brand.

However, be aware that free versions tend to be limited. You can seldom find a free version analytics tool that does not deprive you with all the features installed in the software.

Premium Versions

The best analytics tool that you can so far are the premium versions. Although they are not considered as free, you will definitely get what you paid for if you have gotten a legit tool.

The more feature, the better. Although it might be intimidating to use something  that is somehow complex. However, using premium versions will open up more opportunities as you will be able to view more data thus can help you carry out more efficient action plans.

Free Trial Versions

Aside from free and paid versions there is also this free trial versions. They are only free for a specific period of time. Once the trial expires you will see a prompt or will be redirected to the page wherein you decide if you still wish to continue using the tool.

If you wish to continue then you have to subscribe to their plans. Each plan has a specified price and time limit. The price depends on how long the plan lasts and the features that come along with it.

However, be sure that the tool is really from a legit company. This will help you avoid scams and will ensure that you make the most out of your money.


Analytic tools have become a huge part of marketing efforts. However, not all analytic tools work like a charm. So it is important to check if the tool that you are about to use is real especially if it is not free. Keep in mind that the efficiency of your marketing campaigns will depend on the tools that you are using.


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